"Do you oppose the Chinese president's probable visit?"


"American moral judgments about certain types of government shouldn't prevent Harvard students from having the opportunity to hear a powerful and influential individual [like] Jiang Zemin." --David C. Atherton '00

"I think that it may be a nice balance because it allows him to come, but provides an opportunity for students to express their opinion. It is very important to keep a dialogue with countries even when we disagree with what they do."   --Brian J. Rosenthal '00

"If we're going to see advancement in international relations...we have to start fostering a working relationship...But, that's not to say that Harvard doesn't, like with everything, have its own agenda with inviting foreign dignitaries."   --Michael N. Jacobsen '00

"I think it's great... it's interesting that China is opening up to the western world and his visit signifies a movement towards integration."   --Susie H. Gim '01

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