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It was with no small degree of shame that we read your staff editorial dated September 30th. On a day where your front page contained articles on the tragic death of an MIT first-year following excessive alcohol abuse at a university fraternity and a report on a debate between two Harvard professors confronting race and identity, you chose to write an editorial criticizing Harvard Printing and Publications Services.

The opinion page of a daily newspaper should be a forum for the most relevant issues of each day, and while lines at the sourcebook store may prove an inconvenience to our student body, they are of laughable import in comparison to the sometimes damaging habits of alcohol consumption at universities.

There was nothing more pertinent to the Opinion page of Sept. 30 than The Crimson's official address of these issues. We hope in the future that the editorial staff of our university's daily paper will challenge itself to fulfill its charge and will challenge us with the ideas it presents. --Michael Fertik '00   --Justin Krebs '00

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