Don't Fault Christians For Preaching Religion


National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day is perhaps the most misunderstood phenomeon that has taken place at Harvard this academic year. Homosexuals would like one to believe that this is just another example of radical Christians attempting to persecute them. They are wrong. National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day is an occasion for Christians to emphasize basic doctrine and make clear to Christians everywhere the message of compassion in Christ's teachings.

For Christians, homosexuality is sin. Leviticus tells us: "To lie with a man as to lie with a woman is an abomination." Leviticus' teaching on homosexuality goes to clarifying the phrase "thou shall not committ adultery." Yet, all people sin, and a great number of college students committ adultery through premartial sexual relations, you say. This is true, but the reason that Christians show particular concern for the sin of homosexuals is that they have attached a political agenda to their sin that contravenes the word of God and attempts to establish sin as a societally acceptable choice. In so doing, (according to the perspective of a Christian) they defy God's commandments and toss aside his loving covenant of salvation.

Don't attack Christians for promoting their religion, a religion which is the basis of many normal American's moral systems. Are we at Harvard really so arrogant to belittle others' beliefs because we feel we have a superior intellect? --Christopher G. Roberts '01