Adams House Awakes to Find Water Outage

Cause of Drought Still Unknown

Some students in Adams House awoke to a surprise yesterday.

According to students, the water in entries A and B was unexpectedly turned off sometime between 9 and 9:30 a.m., much to the dismay of students trying to take showers before their morning classes.

At press time, there was no official word on why the pipes went dry.

Stephen E. Tsoneff '97, a resident of A-entry, said the water was off for at least half an hour.

Eric D. Albert '97, who lives in B-entry, said his water was brown until 3 p.m.


Some students said the problems with the water were traumatic.

M. Odei Odotei '97-'98 said he was in the midst of washing his hair when the water shut-off. He said he had to rinse off in the sink.

Frank Blithe '97, who lives in Bentry, said he pitied anyone who had to sit next to him today since he was unable to shower.

"It was unbelievable [and even] appalling," he said.

Albert managed to take his shower at about 3 p.m. He said that, until that point, the water was "shitty."

The superintendent of Adams House could not be reached yesterday afternoon for official comment.

Of course, students offered their own explanations for why the water was shut off.

Albert said he thought that Cambridge had to clean out sewage pipes because there was "nasty water in the pipes."

Shirley Park '98 said she believed the problem was a result of "rust from the pipes [combined with] no water pressure."

Nonetheless, Adams' residents said the water loss is not an uncommon event in the house.