Spring Break Brings Welcome Respite

Musical Groups Will Tour Nation, World, as Other Students Hit the Road on Their Own

The promise of spring break has bobbed like a carrot in front of students' noses since intersession. Now that break is here--even if spring is not--Harvard student groups are taking their shows on the road.

Many musical groups will tour over break, heading south in most cases to warmer climes.

The Glee Club and Radcliffe Choral Society (RCS) will each take U.S. tours.

Gene F. Civillico '98 will go to Texas with about 50 members of the Glee Club.

The group will perform at churches, schools and auditoriums, staying with Glee Club alums along the way.


For their 77th annual spring tour, they plan to hit Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

"When you perform that much in a week you get to sound really tight musically," Civillico said.

RCS will also head south, hitting Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia on a week-long bus trip.

According to RCS Tour Manager Amy B. Stanley '99, 36 women will sing in four concerts.

Why are so many groups going south?

"Because it's warm!" said Stanley.

Even warmer and farther south is Bermuda, where the Radcliffe Pitches, the Din and Tonics, the Krokodiloes and the Hasty Pudding Theatricals will sun themselves--and perform.

"Money we get from doing other shows during the year we use to fund the trip," said Richard J. Chung '00 of the Krokodiloes.

Harvard Model Congress Europe set out yesterday for Paris, where they will host a U.S. government simulation for European high school students.

For those whose extracurriculars won't whisk them across the world, a road trip is always fun.

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