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Tomorrow we lose an hour of sleep in that yearly spring event known as the change to daylight-saving time. We at Dartboard feel that this system unfairly discriminates against college students who lose not only winks, but their share of the sun in the antiquated ritual. (Granted, we certainly appreciate the extra hour added in the fall.)

Students have already missed a large portion of the sunlight before they wake. But we must ask, who uses this sun? Whom does it benefit? The answer is of course that it falls most unproductively on the world while idealistic youths lay in bed.

If students actually captured their share of the sun, drastic changes would throughout the country would follow. Happier students, complaining far less often, would emerge from their Generation X shells. The extra votes from 18-21-years olds would pour in for congressional candidates vowing to eliminate daylight-saving time.

We at Dartboard would rally for the elimination of daylight-saving-time, but we fear our time would be wasted, as Boston's cloudiness masks most sunlight all day long.