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While we at Dartboard respect the College's two-decade record of never cancelling classes due to snow, just thinking about the prospect of trudging to class through two feet of snow made us positively exhausted. We were lucky to have some professors inform us that they were snowed up in Western Massachusetts, but ultimately we had to lace up our boots to confront the great outdoors.

Oh, the irony of arriving across campus to find classes cancelled by TFs who had apparently forgotten how to use e-mail or pick up the telephone. Then it was back to the dorm to receive crowing phone calls from blissful younger siblings and even parents who had gotten the day off. We can't help but ask, if the divinity, extension, law and public health schools closed their doors, why couldn't we?

All was not lost, however. Some of us took a self-assigned day off, and we all enjoyed the breathtaking brilliance of the Yard in snow. The snowball fights which broke out around the campus were--for the most part--good-hearted, and the New Englanders among us thought it appropriate to have a taste of winter, even if it came in April.