Clinton Is Real Issue


The staff's reactionary support for the Asian American Association (AAA) is completely gratuitous, for the AAA is completely wrong. The cover of the March 24 issue of the National Review is not a "despicable sort of racial bigotry." Rather, it is an adroit and scathing attack on the questionable behavior of America's three most important public officials.

The editor of the National Review, John O'Sullivan, has bravely stood up to the harassment he has received from the Thought Police of the left. He has also rebutted the claims made about the cover. Their eyes aren't slanted--get a ruler and check. The teeth are simply elongated, just as the rest of their faces are, one of the most common techniques in caricatures. The President is serving coffee (get it?), not herbal tea. The Vice-President is wearing a Buddhist monk's attire and carrying a money-filled pauper's pot because, surprise, he solicited thousands of dollars at a Buddhist temple in California. The Clintons are wearing Chinese clothes because, when you go begging someone for money in Rome, you do as the Romans do.

Instead of attacking the National Review for its facility with political cartoons, the staff should maybe consider the more important issue to which the cartoon points, namely the illegal and unethical actions at the highest reaches of our government.