Upadhyay, Tambar to Lead SAA

Group's new presidents advocate a greater campus presence

The South Asian Association (SAA), which hosted the Shades of Brown conference this Saturday, conducted their annual executive board elections last night in Harvard Hall.

Departing presidents Neil R. Lawande '99 and Sharmil S. Modi '99 led the changing of the SAA guard, as Gaurav A. Upadhyay '00 and Uttam K. Tambar '00 were elected the new presidents. Amit N. Doshi '00 was elected treasurer and Arif N. Nathoo '00 was elected academic-political chair.

The South Asian Association is the second largest ethnic group on campus.

Both Upadhyay and Tambar campaigned on the platform of having the SAA represent all of South Asians and giving the SAA a greater presence on campus by working with other ethnic, minority and religious groups.

"We are trying to represent all South Asians. It doesn't mean just being from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka...but also the immigration experience or [an individual's] cultural heritage," Upadhyay said.


Upadhyay emphasized, however, that all people were encouraged to join and that the SAA was looking for a diverse membership which is interested in political, cultural and social issues relating to South Asia.

The elections also had a heavy first-year representation with four first-years gaining executive positions. Treeny Ahmed '01 was elected as cultural chair.

Sophia A. Virani was elected as social chair, Alina Das was elected as secretary and Harini K. Reddy was elected as publicity chair.

The SAA presented Ghungroo, a series of artistic performances that celebrates the culture of South Asia, in four packed shows on March 5, 6 and 7.

Shades of Brown was a conference with South Asian Massachusetts high school students held this Saturday in Harvard and Seaver Halls focusing on South Asian identity.

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