love~Struck Seniors Tie the Knot

"There's one couple every year," he says. "It was between `Lady in Red' and some terrible Bryan Adams song--which I now regret--and I just asked. Before I knew it everyone around us knew. She started telling everyone."

But according to SenGupta, it was actually Bhattacharya who ensured that everyone in Eliot was talking about the engagement.

"He wanted to tell people, but I didn't want to," she say. "He told one person, and then five minutes later a tutor came up and congratulated him."

The pair will be studying separately in England next year, before heading to medical school. They plan to marry in the next two years.

"We want to have a fairly traditional marriage, but we're not sure which country to do it in--India or here," Bhattacharya says. "We'll most likely have a function in both places."


Roommate Romance

It's a good thing that Stephanie M. Gregerson '98 was good friends with her sophomore roommate, because her former roommate will soon become her sister-in-law.

During February of Gregerson's sophomore year, Ryan O. Hunter, a student at Brigham Young University, decided to visit his sister, Gregerson's roommate.

The visit was only five days long but, according to Gregerson, it was enough.

"I was very sad once he was gone," she remembers. "We were both pretty convinced that we weren't going to see each other again. It took a little time for us to be convinced that we would."

According to Gregerson, it was actually Janessa Hunter, her roommate, who helped that process.

"She was a big helper. She encouraged it on both sides and facilitated communication," Gregerson says.

The two communicated by phone and e-mail for the rest of the year until they saw each other again when Hunter came to help his sister move out in June. Soon, Hunter's parents joined his sister in prodding the couple, flying Gregerson to Idaho the next summer to visit their son.

"We actually started talking about marriage a lot sooner than I think people would expect. At the end of the summer we started talking about it," she says.

Hunter delayed the official proposal until the summer before Gregerson's senior year. The two went ring shopping, but Hunter claimed he was still saving money to buy the ring months later.

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