Licensing Board Seeks Clairvoyant

A Brazilian immigrant appeared before the Cambridge License Commission last night in an attempt to recover the thousands that he paid to Miss Anna, formerly a Cambridge-based palm reader, over a two-year period.

Shortly after he arrived in Cambridge two-and-a-half years ago, the Brazilian man saw Miss Anna's advertisement and paid her $20 for a palm reading, according to William M. O'Brien, the man's attorney.

"She represented to him that he was the victim of bad luck and bad fortune, and she could cure him of it," O'Brien said.

The man began visiting Miss Anna, who then lived at 168 River St. in Cambridge and whose real name is Ann Collins. In hopes that she would cure his malevolence and save his family, the man paid her more than $8,500.

The parties had previously attempted to resolve the dispute. Miss Anna refunded $2,500, but the man wanted more.

O'Brien said his client needed more of the money to be refunded "for his family."

The man refused to comment.

"There is a question of how much money," Collins' lawyer Joseph T. Fleming said, adding that it is a question of "he said, she said."

Collins, who was not present at the hearing, moved to Boston last fall, according to her attorney Joseph T. Fleming.

"There's not much action we can take if she's not here and she's not licensed," said License Commission Executive Officer Richard V. Scali, who advised the man to pursue his claim through the courts.

Collins had been a fully-licensed tarot card reader in Cambridge for several years, Fleming said. It is not known if she is licensed in Boston.

O'Brien said the Cambridge Police Department had advised his client to ask the licensing board for help recovering the cash. The man did not register a complaint with the police department when the incidents occurred.

The License Commission has a board that helps victims through the small claims process, Scali added.

There is one psychic currently listed in Cambridge, Mrs. Donna at 1923 Mass Ave.