First Lady Schedules Local Visit

First lady and potential New York Democratic Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will be coming to Cambridge next Wednesday to hear the story of a pig rejected from Harvard Law School (HLS).

Clinton will be in town to attend a fundraiser for the Boston children's literacy charity Reach Out and Read, of which she is a longtime supporter.

The event, to be held at the Charles Hotel on Bennett Street, is expected to raise thousands of dollars for the charity. Though Clinton may attend other events in the Boston area that day, the First Lady's office said yesterday that she would not attend any events at Harvard.


The fundraiser is a launch of David Mamet's new children's book Henrietta, about a pig that applies to Harvard Law School. Mamet, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning and Oscar-nominated author and playwright, will read portions of the book.

The fundraiser, which is charging $250 per person, is by invitation only.

The money raised for the charity will go toward expanding Reach Out and Read, a program in which doctors urge parents to read to their children via book donations.

Currently the program is active in 46 states and at 600 individual sites. It hopes to move into every state, as well as increase the overall number of sites.

Several hundred individuals were invited to the event, most from the Boston area, according to Hawkins & Widness Public Relations International, which is coordinating the event. Because plans were finalized only at the end of last week, the firm was unsure of how many people would actually attend.

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