A Seasoned School Committee

She is the author of The Parent's Guide to Cambridge Schools, now in its third edition. For each edition, Walser spent time visiting every school in Cambridge, observing classrooms and interviewing administrators.

Walser, a first-time candidate, may have appealed especially to newcomers to Cambridge, with her experience and focus on revamping middle schools.


"My sense is that Nancy, having really done her homework, is someone who knows the value of good curriculum, and is not going to bend to the prevailing political winds," said Humphrey Morris '69, a Cambridge resident and parent.

Segat, Simmons, Turkel and Walser were endorsed by the Cambridge Civic Association (CCA), a progressive Cambridge political organization.

Though Fantini and Grassi were not endorsed by the CCA, both have solid support bases in Cambridge.

Grassi, a lifetime Cambridge resident and longtime denizen of East Cambridge, relied on the votes of his neighborhood--a group with traditional, "old Cambridge" values.

"If you look at Joe's ideal school, it's got a core curriculum where all children learn the same thing, and has a very set program for what everyone needs to learn," said Dick Brown, co-chair of Cambridge United for Education, a group dedicated to promoting excellence in the city's public schools.

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