Don't Just Say, 'We're Sorry'


It is difficult to disagree with the staff opinion, since it says so little on its own.

The Administration needs to do more than just "take stock" of its strategy. The accidental bombing was more than just pilot error or a bomb gone astray--the embassy was wrongly targeted on the basis of faulty information from the CIA.

Perhaps the desire to achieve further damage in Serbia and thus prove the success of the air strikes has prevented NATO from planning its attacks more carefully and thus avoiding disasters of such magnitude. But we don't know why this happened, because NATO has been less than forthright about its strategy and eventual goals.

Meanwhile, more than an apology is owed to the families of the embassy bombing victims. Reparations should be made in order to show that NATO truly feels remorse over its mistaken actions. You can't bomb a friend's building and just walk away saying, "We're sorry." Barbara E. Martinez'00

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