Harvard Settles Website Lawsuit

The University averted a potentially costly legal battle yesterday, settling a trademark lawsuit against, formerly, on the day the trial was scheduled to begin.

In the settlement, Powered agreed to admit that its use of the notHarvard moniker constituted trademark infringement and diluted the Harvard name.

Powered also agreed to transfer ownership of the notHarvard domain name to the University on or before Dec. 15 and abandon its pending trademark applications related to the Harvard name.

Both sides said that they were glad the litigation is now behind them.

"We're glad to have it settled," said Paul Danziger, a lawyer for Powered.

"It was a good outcome," said University Counsel Diane Lopez.

"We're happy with the end result, which was their decision not to use the name and their acknowledgement that they should not have used the name," said University spokesperson Joe Wrinn.

Harvard was not awarded monetary damages in the settlement. The University asked for $75,000 when it first filed suit on July 31, but later dropped the claim in order to resolve the dispute more quickly.

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