Alexander the Great: From 'Seinfeld' Star to Big-Time Director

Former "Seinfeld" co-star Jason Alexander just directed his first feature film, Just Looking, which opens this Friday. Just Looking tells the story of 14 year- old Lenny Levine (Ryan Merriman) who embarks on a summer vacation in Queens in 1955 with one goal on his mind: to see people have sex. The Crimson recently participated in a roundtable discussion with Alexander and with the film's writer, Marshall Karp.

The Harvard Crimson: Jason, how close to home does this film hit for you?

Jason Alexander: Not all that close. I knew the neighborhood, I knew the people they were my grandparents and my aunts. I didn't grow up with a Lenny and I had an attitude in some ways of being Lenny-ish as a kid, but it was not my heart and soul. But the element of the film that really got me is the father/son story that lies underneath. It's not so much Lenny looking for sexuality as Lenny looking for himself as a man.

THC: How was the casting process? The film deals with a touchy subjects-were the kids embarrassed about it?

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