Harvard Current Defends RNC Story

To the editors:

Regarding your piece, "Current, RNC Spar Over 'Liar' Article," (News, Oct. 20) I just wanted to reiterate that Dan Levine took all necessary measures to provide an accurate account of the incident of the Sheridan School's field trip to the Republican National Committee (RNC). Remember that he qualified his article by mentioning that Rebecca King could not be reached for comment.


Furthermore, he did have both a parent and student on the field trip corroborate the account. The Current strongly supports the quality of Levine's reporting. And indeed, since our press release, we have received e-mails from two more students as well as another parent who have also verified Gelman and Jacobovitz's statements. We have so far received nothing from witnesses contesting the article we published on Lloyd Grove at the Washington Post did not reproduce the Current's article without himself checking the sources. It's interesting that The Crimson chose to emphasize that RNC committee officials flatly denied the account while altogether failing to mention that King herself suggested that her comments had been taken "out of context."

The RNC has been very vague and inconsistent throughout. We stand by our account of this incident and find it necessary to provide The Crimson's readers with the relevant and vital details that were omitted in the story.

Dona M. Kim '01

Oct. 22, 2000

The writer is the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Current.

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