From Harvard to the NHL: A Primer

While this step is a long way off for Nowak, Dominic Moore, and the recruits, it is right around the corner for Bala and Steve Moore. Both are almost assured post-college opportunities, as they both have had repeated contact with their respective teams.

"[The Senators] have never come out and said 'we want you now,' and I've been honest with my intentions," Bala said. "Their general manager understands my situation and appreciates the time I put in here. It's not just a decision to leave because there's a lot more to it than that."


Moore, however, has received more than just innuendoes. He has been offered contract negotiations the past two years, but opted to stay with the Crimson until graduation.

"It's definitely tempting because it's what I'm working for, but there are a lot of reasons why I decided to stay," Moore said. "Last year, I wanted to play with my two brothers, which I thought was pretty special. And this year, I felt that it would be good to have one more season here. I was also voted captain, so I didn't want to put the team down either."

The opportunities afforded to drafted players are enormous and amazing. Both Dominic Moore and Bala were invited to play with their respective teams' rookie and main camps this past summer.

"I had a great time, and it seems like the best players are the nicest guys," Moore said. "They split the team up into four groups, and I was lucky enough to get to play with the big gunners--[Theoren] Fleury, [Mark] Messier, and [Adam] Graves."

Bala had a similar out-of-body experience.

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