From Harvard to the NHL: A Primer

"We had scrimmages each day where they would split the entire roster in to three teams," Bala said. "In the first scrimmage, my linemates were Alexei Yashin and Daniel Alfreddson, the all-star, all-world guys. It was kind of a shock to me."

Although they have not played with the main camps of their respective teams, Steve Moore and Nowak have been in close contact with them. Moore has attended pro-conditioning camps, where professional players from all different leagues come to play. In addition, he and his brother Mark played with the Canadian National Team. Nowak also spent some time last January playing with the World Juniors.

"I haven't spent much time with the team," Nowak said. "Since I'm really close, [the Bruins] can watch me whenever they want, and they plan to do so this coming season."


Though it's an honor and a privilege to be drafted, it has little bearing on the Crimson as a team.

"I'm not trying to take anything away from being drafted because it's an honor, and I'm proud it happened to me, but it's irrelevant," Bala said. "All it is is a tryout and a team to work with. It gets your foot in the door. A guy drafted six rounds after me has just as much chance as I do to make the team."

So for all you diehard hockey fans out there, keep your eyes open next time you make the trip to Bright Hockey Center because it's not just an extra-curricular. It's your first opportunity to see some of the players that are destined for NHL fame.

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