Averell Ordered To Shut Down Campaign

Undergraduate Council presidential candidate B.J. Averell '02 has been ordered to shut his campaign down because of "excessive campaign violations" found by the council's election commission.

After receiving another round of complaints yesterday, the commission met last night and decided that Averell would be penalized to the greatest degree possible without disqualifying him.

"B.J.'s campaign has been shut down for excessive violations which caused him to go over his spending limit," said Kyle D. Hawkins '02, chair of the election commission.


"He has violated too many rules too often," Hawkins said.

According to the commission's guidelines, each candidate is given 50 points at the beginning of the campaign.

Points for violations are deducted from that total, and a candidate who receives 50 or more demerits is disqualified. Averell has had 49 points deducted.

John F. Bash '03, a vice-presidential candidate, reported to the commission the highest number of violations, Hawkins said.

"In the first week, I received as many from him as from all others combined," Hawkins said.

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