Someone Still Likes You: DateSite Docs Plan Comeback

Love was blossoming on computer screens all over campus last year when, the online matchmaking site founded by four roommates in Winthrop House, started sending out "Someone likes you" e-mail messages.

But this year, the novelty may have wilted.

The notes encouraged people to return to the site, where they could type in the e-mail addresses of their crushes and send them similar e-mails. If the addresses matched, bingo--another happy couple was formed.


After just two weeks of existence in February 1999, the site had put together 175 couples.

One half of one of the first DateSite success stories, Paul A. Stephano '99, said the concept was genius.

"[The date] was great and it's all thanks to DateSite," he said a year ago.

But DateSite's heyday was short-lived. After getting over the initial excitement of a chance to reveal their crushes on the Pfoho-Open e-mail list, people soon forgot about the site.

This Valentine's Day, "Someone likes you" might be a thing of the past.

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