The King of Hearts Bids Necco Farewell After 47 Sweet Years

For a week in February, the world beats a path to the door of Walter J. Marshall.

In the past two weeks, he estimates he's done 50 media interviews, appeared on "Good Morning America," "Martha Stewart Living" and was booked for the "Today" show.

But for Marshall, this will be his last hurrah. He's retiring this year from his job at the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO).


Maybe you've even seen the product of his labors: He's the guy who picks the slogans that go on Sweethearts, the little candy conversation hearts.

He's the "King of Hearts."

For 100 years now, NECCO has been churning out the little candy hearts by the truckload--20 million pounds this year alone.

"If you took all of our production for the last 10 years, and stretched it out, it would reach the moon," Marshall says. "The quantity is immense."

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