Moe Money, Moe Problems

However, fans should never be the reason why an athlete plays. Teams who don't draw large crowds shouldn't feel slighted or that their sports are any less important.

Crowd size should not be the most pressing concern of the Harvard athletic community.


Because pictures of the golf team don't sit over the cash registrar at Pinocchio's, doesn't mean that my teammates and I are any less of athletes.

Because no one chants crude remarks at my opponents, does not make my varsity sport experience any less important to me.

It is just different from that of a starting quarterback or a celebrated hockey goalie.

And in many ways, I like the feeling of the empty golf course better than a packed school gym or a neighborhood ice rink. I like disappearing from Cambridge for a few months, spending time with my team away from the hubbub of campus life. It is an existence until itself, complete with the joys and downfalls of sport.

A wonderfully cardless existence.

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