First-years Hope For Housing Lottery Luck

The first-year band "Invisible Downtown" has a song appropriate for Yard residents today--"Living in the Quad."

Michael J. Palmer '03, a Lionel Hall resident and drummer for the band, said the group plans to set up outside to perform the tune, whose chorus goes: "Living in the Quad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah."

But last night, the members of the group waited impatiently for housing assignment announcements along with the other 1600 or so first-years.

Palmer said he had no big plans for the night but had heard rumors of bizarre behavior in other dorms.

"There's supposed to be an orgy in Hollis, but I'm looking out my window right now and it's looking pretty tame," he said.

Other first-years reported similar scheduled events.

"We're having a wild orgy, but not with our blocking group," said Alexander D. Forrester '03, whose eight-man group wants anywhere but Jordan, the Pforzheimer overflow housing located just outside the Quad. "We're meeting up with two all-female blocking groups."

Some first-years planned to put their debauchery to work for them.

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