We see them on the street each day. Whether we pity them or judge them, seldom do we stop to ask or even wonder about the experiences of Harvard Square's homeless.

Reporter Jonathan F. Taylor interviewed several of the Square's homeless, offering to buy them lunch. Here are their stories.


The Peaceful Life

In the quiet Boston suburb of Walden, Mass., once the site of Thoreau's introspection about the power of nature and the essence of humanity, Natalie M. Heffellinger was raised.

Today Heffellinger spends her days in and around Harvard Square, sleeping under roofs and park benches, relying on food from charity.

Years of being on the streets have taken their toll on Heffellinger. She is not sure how long she's been homeless, but guesses it's been roughly 10 years.

She admits to not being able to read very well, surmising that this has contributed to her difficulties.

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