IOP Students Want Louder Voice in Decision-Making

At Monday's once-a-semester meeting between the Institute of Politics' (IOP) Student Advisory Committee (SAC), Senior Advisory Committee and staff, student leaders gave a detailed review of the IOP's inner workings and--according to sources--voiced their concern that students should have more of a decision-making role in the organization.

One person who was present at the meeting said SAC members "emphasized the idea that students should be running things and that staff should be in a support role."

Staff members include full- and part-time personnel who work with students on the IOP's events and programs. But the source said students believe they do not have enough input into IOP decisions.


"It's hard to say who has the final authority at the IOP," the person added.

SAC Chair Hannah Choi '01, however, said that Monday's "state of the institute" student report did not emphasize staff-student relations, but covered many areas and issues within the IOP.

"That wasn't the focus of the presentation," Choi said. "The presentation covered everything."

Many other SAC members contacted also downplayed any conflict between students and IOP staff.

"[The presentation] absolutely was not a list of grievances in any way," said SAC member Lisa B. Schwartz '03. "We weren't going there in a confrontational manner."

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