HMS Researchers Use New Technique To Cure Cancer in Mice

Robert S. Kerbel, a professor of medical biophysics at the University of Toronto, published results in the Journal of Clinical Investigation that supported Browder's study.

Kerbel, who has collaborated with the Folkman laboratory for several years, used different chemicals than Browder but employed a similar technique in his study.


"[Kerbel] has said publicly that he got the idea from Dr. Browder, and it's nice to have it repeated," Folkman said.

But the researchers have said that despite the promising findings, they are cautiously optimistic, in part because the study only used mice as its subjects.

"It's an important paper, but it's not for immediate application," Folkman said. "The clinical trials will prove whether you will be able to use chemotherapy in that mode to help people. That's the practical application that hasn't been proved yet."

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