'Greed' Contestant Vows to Save Pudding

After any correct answer, the team captain may choose to stop and split the winnings. If the team fails at any round, its members walk away with empty pockets.

The show's cutthroat reputation results from the "Terminator" showdown during later rounds in which one team member can challenge another for that person's share of the winnings.


Meyers said that he had tried to secure a spot on "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?," but when he found out that auditions for "Greed" were being held at John Harvard's Brew House earlier this spring, he decided to try out.

"I went down with three other guys from the Pudding as a goof," Meyers said. "I turned out to be the only one that made it. They think they all deserve a chunk of my winnings, but we'll see."

The auditions included nearly 100 students, but only Quasha and Meyers were chosen as finalists.

During one phase of the audition, students were asked to do something in 20 seconds that the judges would remember. One student mooned them.

Meyers told them about his experience performing in this year's Pudding show, The Jewel of Denial.

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