'Greed' Contestant Vows to Save Pudding

"I told them that for the past six weeks I've been in a mini-skirt and heels in front of thousands of people. They liked that," he said.

Meyers was told he was a finalist, but did not receive a call for weeks.

After learning that Quasha had already taped the show, Meyers said he resigned himself to the fact that "Greed" wouldn't call. But it did call, while he was in class, and caught him later the same day on a cellular phone in the Winthrop House dining hall while eating lunch with his friend Daniel A. Bress '01.


"After I found out, I grabbed Dan's dessert and smashed it on my face, then tossed his dinner on the ground just because. Because I'm greedy," Meyers said.

"That's exactly what happened," Bress said. "Then he stood up on the table and shouted 'I'm greedy, I'm greedy!' It was a great dinner."

"Kevin's a pretty greedy guy--I think he'll do great on the show," he added.

The event at John Harvard's Brew House was one of several auditions Fox conducted at universities across the country, searching for contestants like Quasha to compete on a college-themed episode.

The show's contestant coordinator, Michele Meyd, said Meyers and students from several other colleges were chosen at the auditions to compete on regular episodes.

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