'Greed' Contestant Vows to Save Pudding

Though Meyers said he is "thrilled" to compete, he hasn't forgotten his academic responsibilities.

"When I told my father, he asked if I was going to miss any finals, because he wouldn't let me miss any just to go to some game show."


Meyers said that even if he wins $4 million, he plans to return to school.

In addition to saving the Pudding, Meyers said his plans for his possible winnings range from simply buying a new television to paying for college for his four siblings.

"Or maybe I'll just party like a rock star," he said.

Meyers, who is from New Jersey, said that even if he walks away with nothing more than a free trip to Los Angeles, it will have been a worthwhile experience.

"Even if I go out there and fall on my face, I have friends I'll get to visit in L.A., and it's going to be a great weekend," he said.

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