Humans Have Caused Harm to Environment

To the editors:

Perhaps it is Bolek Z. Kabala who is selectively picking data to support his arguments, instead of Al Gore '69 whom Kabala lambasts in his editorial notebook (Editorial Notebook, 5/10). If Kabala really cared to "know all the relevant data," he would have realized that in fact the majority of scientists across the world agree that some form of climate change is occurring and that it is anthroprogenic in nature.


The results of our "heinous interference" are demonstrated by more than a simple fluctuation in daily temperature. Chunks of ice are breaking off the poles, leading to a rise in sea level. The burning of fossil fuels spews great pollution, making the air in some cities almost unbreathable. The current rate of species loss is unparalleled, except for the period after the meteor hit the Earth, killing off the dinosaurs. No one is calling Gore the savior of the Earth, but we will be calling ourselves fools if we continue to believe that nothing is going on.

Priscilla Chan '01

May 11, 2000

The writer is the editor of the Harvard Environmental Network Bulletin.

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