Alumni Association Elects Six Overseers

At its annual meeting on Commencement Day, the Harvard Alumni Association announced the election of six new members of the Board of Overseers.

Aida Alvarez '71, Frank W. Hobbs IV '69, M. Lee Pelton, Patti B. Saris '73, Steven A. Schroeder '60 and Barbara S. Robinson were chosen by alumni to fill positions on the University's oldest governing body.

All of the new overseers will serve full five-year terms on the 30-member board, except for Robinson, who will fill a vacant position for three years.

The new crop of overseers has a distinctly local flavor. Hobbs hails from Concord, Mass., while Saris grew up in West Roxbury and attended Boston public schools.

Hobbs, an Olympic athlete and recently-retired chair of the investment firm Warburg Dillon Read, insisted that Harvard must place more emphasis on K-12 education.

"I'd like to see Harvard as an intellectual leader on how we do [K-12] education better," he said.

Saris is a federal judge who has had extensive experience in both government and law. She was interested in politics from the very beginning--during her undergraduate years, she was a member of the Institute of Politics' Student Advisory Board. She was also associate managing editor of The Crimson.

Saris said she looks forward to giving something back to the University she said helped her so much.

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