University Wins Land Auction With $151M Bid

Harvard may relocate graduate school to Allston

Harvard is still going through difficult negotiations involving the proposed Knafel Center for Government and International Study near Mid-Cambridge. Discussions have also recently begun for a proposed modern art museum on Memorial Drive, but have encountered strong opposition from residents.

But some in Allston seem open to the University developing and improving the area.


Berkeley said that the University's current Allston holdings are mostly "obsolete, industrial land"--an eyesore for most residents.

"When you come across the river, what you see is the Harvard Business School on the right, and tractor trailer trucks on the left," Berkeley said.

Berkeley said he hopes that the newly acquired property will allow the University to clean up the property while shifting use of the land to developments that face Allston residents.

"They can treat us as they do the river," Berkeley said.

Allston resident and former ACA President Ray Mallone, who was present at the auction, said the purchase will benefit Allston as well as Harvard.

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