Room by Room: The Story of One Entryway

The sophomores vehemently deny their room always has a week-old plate of chicken wings from the dining hall as a floor display piece. As for the various articles of clothing strewn about, they swear they were about to clean them up.

But their image as the young, wild guys is heavily self-perpetuated.

"They're constantly telling us how much they drink and smoke," says Julio V. Gambuto '00, one of their neighbors.Part of the intrigue of the room is its shrinking size. Originally a four-man suite, two of the residents had to leave for separate reasons during the year, leaving Brian W. Smith '02 and Tobias C. Berkman '02 on their own.

With an extra room on their hands, the guys have designated the barren space as their "smoking room."

And as for their usual weekend activities?


"I generally go to the Grille and get drunk and pass out," Brian says.

They may be social, but when it comes to their entryway, they tend to stay far removed.

Compared to the social atmosphere of their first-year dorm, F entry is somewhat isolating.

But they say they are responsible for this difference.

"We have our own lives, and they have their own lives," Brian says. "No one's excluding anyone. They say, 'Come over any time. Stop by and have a drink.' I just never took them up on it. I like the social group I have, and they're happy with me."

To Tobey, perhaps the main reason for why they have remained outsiders is their age.

"Usually they're not all from another year," Tobey says. "We didn't know these people before, and they all did."

Where the Boys Are

Boys will be boys, especially the boys in F-32 dominated by House committee big shots Matt Delmont and Kenneth W. Miller. Along with track team members Cabral M. Williams and Victor V. Danh and room cutup Timothy J. Arnold, the all-senior gang looks like it's about to start a club with no girls allowed.

But last year, when Matt and Ken were trying to encourage other House residents to play ultimate frisbee, they met Michelle Y. Rhee '00, now a resident of F-51.

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