Some Seniors Choose to Stay at Harvard

Most seniors are looking forward to getting as far away from Cambridge as possible after today, but a few die-hard Harvardians are moving on to bigger and better things within the University's own hallowed halls.

While their classmates head to New York City's investment banking firms or the Silicon Valley's dot-com craziness, these recent alumni will be turning to the undergraduate Houses, Byerly Hall or the University library system for their first stop in the real world.

Many of Harvard's departments are still in the middle of their administrative hiring process, but come September, a handful of members of the Class of 2000--like many seniors who have gone before them--will have landed positions that will extend their stay in Cambridge.


Make no mistake, these graduates are motivated by more than just a love for Harvard.

Jobs at the University offer more perks than most available to recent graduates--especially those accustomed to the wealth of resources at a University community. A Harvard staff ID is the working man's ticket to the Fogg, to discounted events and performances at Harvard and in Boston and to one of the most comprehensive library collections in the world.

On a Quest

Brian S. Anderson '00 is one of the graduating seniors who will not be leaving Harvard for good tomorrow.

He "loved Harvard" over the last four years and will spend the next year working full-time to develop a new program for the Philips Brooks House Association (PBHA). The program, called Quest Scholars, helps prepare under-privileged and minority high school students for college.

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