New 'UC Books' Site Goes Online with Coop Prices, More Books

Gusmorino said that since the Coop does not charge shipping and handling, its prices may be very competitive with online booksellers.

The council also has revised its list of vendors, dropping A-1 Books and adding the Harvard Bookstore and Barnes and Noble's online used book site.


The moderate popularity of last spring's version of the council's website--which drew 50,000 non-unique Internet hits--has led council leaders to express hope that the updated site will not only be popular with students, but also provide the council with well-needed funds.

The council earns a commission on any orders that are placed through the site. Last year's commissions, which totaled several hundred dollars, were dedicated to the council's student grant fund, Gusmorino said.

The council's commission on each sale varies from nothing on some books to up to 12 percent for certain sales on

Gusmorino said he expected this year's site to generate about $500 in commissions.

Council President Fentrice D. Driskell '01 said that although the program was not part of her campaign platform, she views the site as crucial to the council's mission.

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