Homeless Shelther Holds Reopening

DeWitt Jones, president of Boston Community Loan Fund (BCLF) told a story about seeing the need for a touch-up or two.

Rather than donating money, lenders provide money in a revolving loan fund to needy organizations at low interest rates.


The program has been lauded by city officials, but several of those present said that questions over Harvard's civic role linger.

. In their view, Harvard's commitment arose only after numerous criticisms had been leveled against the University.

"We've often felt the University hasn't acted as a role model for its students," said State Rep. Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge).

Wold, a member of Harvard's Living Wage Campaign said, "If Harvard isn't a good example for its students in its own actions, it's not a good educational experience. We learn from what people do, not what they say."

"But I want to add that this program has been a good experience," said Wolf.

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