Don't Fear the De Remer: Pathos in between the Pipes

It was hard not to pity Northeastern goalie Erica Silva as the No. 5 Harvard women's hockey team took full control in its 6-3 win against the now-No. 8 Huskies on Friday night.

After allowing her fifth goal of the night, Silva collapsed onto the ice in frustration and transformed into a mass of humanity as flat and lifeless as the playing surface around her. Had she the option at that moment of melting into the ice or burying herself beneath the crease, she just might have taken it.

The goal that made Silva crack was a beauty, set up by sophomore forward Kalen Ingram beating a defender down ice and dishing back to junior captain Jennifer Botterill all alone in front.


"We got some attitude in the third period," said Harvard Coach Katey Stone, who has now won five straight over Northeastern. "We came up against a tough goaltender, but I think we broke her down in the third period."

Silva has fallen a long way in one week since shutting out No. 1 Dartmouth. Following that pinnacle, she has dropped four straight, including a 12-0 humbling at No. 2 Minnesota-Duluth and Friday night's debacle.

In searching for an explanation for her nightmare at Bright, Silva need not look further than the one-sided officiating which helped fuel the Crimson rally and the asymmetric scheduling that plagues women's college hockey.

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