Gusmorino, Lee Prepare to Take the Wheel

If last year was the year of Undergraduate Council infighting, this year, council members are hoping for a fresh start.

With no impeachment hearings on the agenda, council members are rallying around Paul A. Gusmorino '02.

"Paul will be a fantastic administrator and diligent leader. I've always loved watching Paul work. He'll do a great job," predicts Stephen N. Smith '02, who finished second to Gusmorino in the council elections.


"There'll be less tension on the council because Paul is more universally respected for his time commitment," Matthew H. Zanotelli '02, another presidential candidate.

Following last year's election, a group of council members led by campaign workers for rival campaigns tried to impeach newly-elected vice president John A. Burton '01, claiming that he had violated campaign spending limits by taking buttons for campaign use from another student group.

But this year's campaign was much quieter, and Gusmorino, who was endorsed by a majority of current council members, finds a council contented by his victory.

"The council recognizes that they've elected someone who will do the job and do it very well," said member Todd E. Plants '01, who ran for council president last year.

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