College Investigates Annenberg Cook

“I’m not employed by any campus ministry,” Houston said. He has only attended CI events that he was invited to by individual members of the group, Houston said.

This year he is attending Alpha, a weekly CI Bible study “trying to acquaint people with Christianity,” according to Houston, although he has missed two of the four meetings so far.

“This is the limit of what we can do,” Cummings said. “There is no connection with him and us, so we really don’t have any authority with which to act.”


As an openly gay man, Cummings said he was in “an awkward position” during the investigation.

“I personally think he’s way out of line to be doing anything except doing what he was hired to do,” he said. “But that’s not my call to make. I’m not his employer.”


But some members of United Ministry wonder why the organization can’t take action against Houston.

“What happens when someone is acting in a religious way but is not part of the ministries?” said a member of United Ministry who asked not to be named.

“Can any religiously oriented person come here and set up shop on their own?” he asked.

Speech Policy

“Students who are eating in Annenberg have a right to get their meals without anybody preaching at them,” Illingworth said.

He said he doesn’t have “an exact plan at this point,” adding that he is just “waiting to get more information.”

“We’re right in the middle of this right now,” he said.

But Illingworth emphasized that he doesn’t have any authority in dealing with Houston.

“If we get any evidence we will present it to Dining Services,” he said.

HUDS will ultimately make any employment decisions about Houston.