Celebrity Predictions

President Lawrence H. Summers

“Rick Levin spoke so graciously at my inauguration that I wouldn’t dream of predicting the obvious—except to say that New Haven is my hometown, and I intend to be fiercely disloyal to the home team.”

Professor Robert Coles, Graduate School of Education and Medical School

General Education 105: Literature of Social Reflection

“Harvard will win by two touchdowns, because they are better, naturally.”


Professor Harvey Mansfield, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Government

Government 1060: The History of Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy

“Harvard 14, Yale 13. The Game will be decided by a disputed catch in the endzone...Yale will feel what it’s like to lose a squeaker.”

Senator Edward M. Kennedy ‘54-’56, D-MA

“Harvard will win bigtime! An undefeated season at stake and I’m sure they’ll put if off. I wish I could play.”

Gerard P. Hammond ‘02, First Class Marshal

“Harvard 35, Yale 7. The Crimson are going to flush the Bulldogs down the Yale Bowl.”