The Crimson is retracting four articles by Irina Serbanescu `03 which appeared in The Crimson's weekly arts supplement. The preview of Sweet Charity, published Nov. 9, 2000, Singing Swashbucklers, published on Dec. 8, 2000, Love is Everything, but Does it Lead to Happiness? A Triangular Dilemna, published on Feb. 23, 2001 and 'No Way to Treat' an Audience, published on March 9, 2001 all contained material taken from other sources without attribution.

The Crimson apologizes to those from whom the material was taken: the Saint Louis University Theatre, the Boise State University Gilbert and Sullivan Archive, Independent News and Media PLC and Richard Gist of Towson University.

Serbanescu has resigned from her position as an editor of The Crimson.

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