TECH Off and Running, But Still Defining Itself

After one year, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center has yet to figure out a clear structure

The inaugural year of The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) was not all that different from that of a start-up company, says Paul Bottino.

TECH’s executive director says the organization hit the ground running, offering a lecture series, symposiums, student projects and several other opportunities.

But he acknowledges that while TECH has been operating under its mission to “educate technology leaders and innovators,” and to be a “space for students, faculty, alumni and industry leaders to learn together, collaborate and innovate,” it has yet to lay out a clear structure for the organization.


“It’s entrepreneurial in and of itself,” Bottino says of TECH’s inaugural year. “You get a lot of opportunities and need to decide who you’re going to be and what you’re going to be about-you have to marry activities with ideas.”

And soon, Bottino and others involved in TECH will have to figure out what form of leadership students will have within the organization-and what longer-term goals the center will take on.

Whether formalized leadership and organizational structures would be a help or a hindrance in a center designed to educate innovators is still being debated.

“Some people respond very well to seizing an opportunity and creating the structure to make it work,” he says. “Other people are looking for more of a hierarchy.”

No official proposals for student or organizational structures yet exist.

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