MBTA To Wire For Cell Phones

By late summer or early fall of 2003, Mass. Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) passengers will be able to use their cell phones on the subway thanks to a project which will install a wireless network underground.

The Chicago-based Andrew Corp. signed the contract for the installation of the $12 million to $15 million system. The company will receive payments from the wireless companies that want to benefit from the new installation.

The MBTA estimates that Andrew Corp. could eventually make $2.5 million from the deal.

As a result of negative comments made by members of the public after the plan was first proposed, the T will start a campaign to encourage cell phone courtesy with gentle reminders such as “Be Polite, Talk Lite” and “Talk to your friends, not the whole train.”

—-Esra B. Burak contributed to the reporting of this article.