Love Stories

International Affairs

Siripanth Nippita ’00

Gernot Wagner ’02

Siripanth Nippita ’00 met Gernot Wagner ’02 when she applied for a summer internship through Bhumi, Harvard’s international development group. Wagner was in charge of preparing Nippita for her summer in Brazil.

What started out as work dinners quickly evolved into a serious relationship. While Nippita spent the summer of 1999 in Brazil, Wagner arranged for her to spend a few days in Rio de Janeiro with a friend of his, and surprised her by flying down for a visit.


Wagner set up the proposal by replaying all of their memorable dates in one weekend in August 2000.

Wagner got permission to enter his old freshman dormitory in Matthews Hall South, where the two had watched “Good Will Hunting” and talked for hours after returning from their first date—a Veritones Concert. They also went to dinner at the Bay Tower Room, the site of their first formal date.

Nippita and Wagner were legally married on Feb. 27, 2002 at Cambridge City Hall, but will have a wedding in Wagner’s native country, Austria, on June 22.

They plan to move to Palo Alto, Calif. where Nippita, a Yonkers, N.Y. native, currently works for Partners In Health. Wagner will begin a Ph.D. program in economics at Stanford.

Romance at Recess

Tovah A. Day ’02

Moshe Y. Spinowitz ’02

For Tovah A. Day ’02 and Moshe Y. Spinowitz, ’02 teaching Hebrew school together during freshman year became more than a way to reach out to the Jewish community. They began dating at the beginning of sophomore year when Spinowitz surprised Day with tickets to hear Itzhak Perlman and the Boston Symphony play Tchaikovksy’s Violin Concerto.