Timeline 2001-2002

The men’s hockey team earns a trip to the NCAA tournament after winning the ECAC championship game for the first time since 1994. The team beats Cornell 4-3 in the longest game in ECAC championship history.

March 18


Undergraduate Council President Lee says the allegation that Summers is opposed to hip-hop artists headlining Springfest is unfounded. Rather, Lee says Springfest planners want music suitable for all ages since the event is now for the entire University community, with co-sponsorship by the Office of the President.

March 21

Harvard nears an agreement about its financial obligations to Watertown, where Harvard purchased a 30-acres office complex in 2001. Under the agreement, Harvard would pay Watertown over $3 million annually. Watertown leaders were initially upset because Harvard’s purchase could take the complex off the property tax rolls.

March 25