Football Sounding Board

“He made his share of plays, but for the most part I don’t think Carl Morris was anywhere near the reason Harvard won that football game. Not to take anything away from Morris, but [Ryan] Fitzpatrick was the difference.”

—Brown Coach Phil Estes

“He’s got a little bit of colt in him, and I mean that in a good way. [We let him play] without a bridle, I’ll guarantee you that.”

—Harvard Coach Tim Murphy, on the running ability of sophmore quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

“I’d rather throw the ball to get yards.”


—Fitzpatrick, asked if he considers himself a running quarterback after his 131-yard effort on the ground

“Out of the blue, he injured it—believe it or not—on the bus ride down. I’m supposed to have those injuries, not him.”

—Coach Murphy, on how senior quarterback Neil Rose reaggravated a sciatic nerve injury.

“That was a huge play. It put them back on their heels after making a real big play for themselves. It gave us an opportunity to make a play for the first time in the game, really.”

—Harvard junior defensive end Brian Garcia, describing the offensive pass interference call that halted a critical Brown drive in the fourth quarter.

“It wasn’t even close as far as I’m concerned. I’m probably not supposed to say anthing about the officials ... but that was the difference in the game.”

—An irate Estes describing the same pass interference call

“I like to say, on a good day, I’m about 5’7.”

—Harvard senior running back Nick Palazzo, when asked about his diminuitive stature.

“He plays 6’5.”

—Murphy, following up on Palazzo’s comment.