Police Log

Jan. 5:

12:39:02 a.m.—Harvard University Police Department officers were sent to Lowell House to quiet a loud party.

5:08:54 p.m.—Officers removed an unwanted guest from Winthrop House.

Jan. 6:

8:06:40 a.m.—Officers were sent to North Harvard Street to take a report of vandalism to two shuttle buses.

2:14:19 p.m.—An officer was sent to Mather House to take a report of a person stuck in an elevator. The individual had exited the elevator by the time the officer arrived.

Jan. 7:

2:03:51 a.m.—An officer was sent to take a report of a stolen laptop at Adams House.

11:07:33 a.m.—An officer was sent to Holyoke Center to take a report of harassing phone calls.

Jan. 8:

12:17:07 p.m.—An officer issued a trespass warning to an individual at Sanders Theater.

3:17:14 p.m.—Officers were sent to Lamont Library where a person was reportedly taking unauthorized photographs. HUPD officers arrested 23-year-old Barbara Materna of Cambridge, an extension school student, for disorderly conduct.

Jan. 9:

11:56:08 a.m.—A detective was sent to Memorial Church to take a report of stolen money.

11:39:18 p.m.—An HUPD officer checked on the well-being of a person sitting in a car. The person was fine.

Jan. 10: