Connecticut Safety School Plans Dance

Yalies hope to combat post-Game disappointment with pre-Game festivities

In an attempt at fun before their impending defeat, the Yale Student Activities Committee (YSAC) is trying to improve the pregame festivities for this year’s Harvard-Yale game.

Worried that students in the past haven’t had enough to do throughout the weekend, the YSAC is in the process of planning a myriad of events preceding the Nov. 22 contest. The main event will be a dance held in a Yale dining hall—the Commons—on the Friday night before the game.

“The demand for the dance came from people running out of things to do at 10:30,” YSAC member Andrew Cedar said. “The parties would shut down, and then everyone was outside freezing in 30 degree weather.”

The Commons will be divided into three separate sections. Half of the hall will be reserved for dancing while the other half will be divided into a game room and a “lounge.”

The YSAC hopes to turn the usually mundane dining hall into the hottest night club in New Haven.

“We think it should be a good time,” Cedar said. “We think that the dining hall does a nice job of showing off the Yale campus.”

The plan, as the YSAC sees it, is that students will party at the housing colleges until about 10:30 p.m., at which time there will be a mass migration to the Commons.

The dining hall, which has a capacity of between 1,500 and 2,000 people, will then become the center of activity.

The YSAC said the dance will be dry and will contain campus security.

“We expect students to get their fill of alcohol at the colleges before the dance,” Cedar said.

The YSAC plans to send a detailed map of the campus and a description of the weekend’s event to the Harvard Undergraduate Council, which will then distribute the materials to students.

The council will have the information available on its website as well as hand it out on the busses they will provide to transport students down.

“We plan on having a record number of busses going down to Yale this year,” council President Rohit Chopra said. “The host team generally provides the coordination of the parties, but we will certainly provide plenty of transportation.”

The council vows to avoid a repeat of two years ago when a number of Harvard students were stranded without transportation because the council underestimated the number of necessary busses.

“We’d rather have too many busses than too little,” Chopra said. “There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Certainly there will be many students heading down to watch the game and have a good time.

But how many students will actually go to the dance remains to be seen.

Some students are slightly skeptical of the YSAC’s arrangements.

“It sounds lame,” Andrew P. Bialecki ’07 said when informed of the planned dance. “But, then again, it’s Yale, so no surprise.”