Undergraduates of the University who are planning to take part in athletics during the summer should bear in mind the sections of the eligibility code in force at the University, Yale, and Princeton which appears below: A printed memorandum of these rules has been sent by the Harvard Athletic Association to all candidates for teams who are now in the University.

Men who expect to act as counsellors at summer camps, or to play baseball under conditions where there may be a suspicion that some of the players are receiving money or an equivalent form of remuneration should first consult the chairman of the Athletic Committee, Professor R. B. Merriman, or the Graduate Treasurer, F. W. Moore '93.

The rules are as follows:

1. No man who has ever received any pecuniary reward or its equivalent by reason of his connection with athletics--whether for playing, coaching or acting as teacher in any branch of sport or engaging therein in any capacity--shall represent his University in any athletic team or crew, except that any University Committee on Eligibility may, subject to the approval of the Committee of the Three Chairmen, permit such participation in intercollegiate athletics by men who might technically be debarred under the letter of the rule, but, who, in the judgment of the University Committee on Eligibility have not commercialized their athletic ability nor offended against the spirit of the foregoing provision.

2. No student shall represent his University in any athletic team or crew who receives from others than those on whom he is naturally dependent for financial support money or the equivalent of money, such as board and lodging, etc., unless the source and character of these gifts shall be approved by the University Committee on Eligibility, subject to the approval of the Committee of the Three Chairmen, on the ground that they have not accrued to him primarily because of his ability as an athlete. Cases are to be submitted in advance to the University Committee on Eligibility.


3. The University Committee on Eligibility shall have power, however, to grant permission in advance to a student to engage in athletics, whether during term time or vacation, as the representative of an organization not connected with the University, under such conditions, not at variance with the spirit of the rule, as it may approve.  HARVARD ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION